There is absolutely no reason why kosher food and desserts have to be anything less than what everyone else is eating. Share with me your baking and cooking sucesses, challenges, and disasters. I will share my recipes, shabbat and holiday menu planning and my love of food.

Monday, December 29, 2008

It's 2009, welcome to the Kosher Baker’s Blog, the place to discuss your Kosher baking needs. Discuss with me your questions, successes, failures, ingredient challenges, and great finds around the world. Share with me your stories of great and horrible parve (dairy-free) desserts you have encountered.

You know who you are, one of those people who rolls their eyes at the mere mention of parve desserts. You find them disappointing, whether purchased in a bakery or served by a home chef. I have spent my entire baking career since 1996 fooling people who do not believe my desserts contain no dairy and thereby convincing them that parve desserts can be great and often taste like their dairy counterparts. I even spent several years living in Europe eating outstanding Kosher dairy-free desserts. I travel often and return home to create dairy-free versions of desserts I taste. I was in Paris in June, hitting 5 pastry shops per say so that I could create those desserts for a Kosher audience.

Kosher bakers tell me all the time that they need more parve dessert options and they crave new ideas. Your prayers are answered: I have written an entire cookbook on parve desserts that I hope to publish soon. I will use this blog to post some of those desserts. The day of the kichel and 3-color rainbow sponge cake is over. Bad parve desserts are a thing of the past. You can do better and now you have me to guide you. Join me in my journey to keep bringing to you the best parve desserts, some traditional desserts I have updated as well as the desserts found in today’s trendy restaurant. Tell me what you need. Tell me what desserts you wish you could make parve.

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